• Advantec Petri-Dishes
    Advantec Petri-Dishes Advantec Petri-Dishes

Polystyrene dishes are made of polystyrene, highly transparent, easy to observe in experiments. Polystyrene dishes are suitable for culturing micro-organisms on 47 mm diameter membrane filters. Snug fit prevents drying during incubation. 

Key Features

  • Squared edges and a raised ridge for ease of handling and secure stacking
  • Available with or without pad: 47 mm absorbent cellulose pad (0.85 ± 0.17 mm thick, absorbs 1.8-2.2 mL liquid)
  • Manufacturer's certification of compliance available upon request
  • Sterile: sterilized by gamma irradiation

Typical Applications

  • Used for laboratory analysis, general culture and bacterial culture, etc.

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Advantec Petri-Dishes

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