• Hemocytometer, Disposable
    Hemocytometer, Disposable Hemocytometer, Disposable Hemocytometer, Disposable
The disposable cell microfluidic chips are designed to rapidly perform as cell counting.  These chips are manufactured by reproducible injection molding of PMMA. They take advantage of the improved Neubauer design which reduces infection and contamination by avoiding tedious cleaning and drying. Simply pipette  6 µL of sample into one of the four chambers, place the chip on a microscope stage,  and you are ready to count.
  • Excellent transparency from the bottom
  • Nano-meter scale of surface roughness
  • Manufactured by Injection-molding
  • Highly reproducible in measurements
  • Separated counting chip and cover glass: encased separately
  • Lots tested and Certified
Typical Applications
  • General, mammal, erythrocyte, & leukocyte cell counting

Substrate MaterialPMMA
Chip Dimensions25 x 75 x 1.6 mm
Number of Chambers Per Chip2
Chamber Dimensions4 groups of  grids with dimensions 1 mm (L) x 1 mm (w) x 100 µm (Depth) 
Chamber Volume10 µL
Neubauer Improved;  total 16 × 25; minimum dimensions 50 μm × 50 μm

Chips Per Package
50, individually sealed

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Hemocytometer, Disposable

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