• Colony Counter PSF-2000, Automatic Measurement

This automatic colony counter PSF-2000 enables to count the number of colonies in a designated area in a fast manner. This device equipped with color camera and enables accurate measurement even culture media with unclear colonies or uneven thickness. The uniform light source solves slight difference between culture medium and colonies.  Moreover, accurate counting can be achieved even if there is residue or sedimentation.  Standard software is used to manage a variety of specimen like circular, rectangular and spiral types.

Key Features

  • Overlap differentiation function
  • Spiral measurement
  • Adjustment function for uneven brightness
  • Selective counting function by size
  • Separate measurement by color extraction
  • Fast measurement time 3 seconds

Typical Applications

  • General viable bacteria
  • Lactic bacteria
  • Mutagen testing (Ames)
  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Water analysis

Common Features
Measurement Result Indicator
Bacteria colony
Binarization Methods Selection
Manual binarization, binarization by color extraction
Pre-processing for Binarization
Adjustment of uneven brightness
Offset of binarized colony
Selection by Size
Determination of the range of target colony
Overlap Differentiation
Automatically separate and measure overlapping colonies
Save Process
Save process for each colony specimen recipe
Manual Calibration
Manually designated area deletion of colonies
Image Saving
Original image, image with counting mark
Spiral Counting
Counts the number of colonies by the spiral method
Data Output/Saving
Output to Excel sheet/save in CSV format
Recalculation by retrieving saved images
Regular Inspection
Validation of the equipment

Colony Counters
Dimensions W 280 x D320 X H620 mm
Weight (kg) 17
Power Supply AC100-110V, 50/60 Hz
System Configuration Main Unit (PC/Monitor are sold separately)
Operating Environment 10- 35 °C, 20-80% RH
Camera Resolution 5.0 MG CMOS
Specification of Camera Color Camera
Measurement Object Viable bacteria colonies
Size of Petri-Dish 90 mm Diameter or less
Measurement Size 0.1 mm per 90-mm viewing field
Measurement Time ~ 1-3 secs per Petri-dish
Max Number of Colonies ~ 8000 viable bacteria colonies
Lighting Dark Field, bright field, top light

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Colony Counter PSF-2000, Automatic Measurement

  • Brand: Kakuhunter
  • Product Code: PSF-2000
  • Availability: 2-3 Days

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